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Title:Pilot stories: Go Around in stormy Tivat
Published:23 February 2018
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Full story of the flight:

It was one of my most difficult flights. I flew together with a trainee-captain. The weather in Tivat was supposed to be windy, and the only approach available was NDB RWY 32. This meant that we had to fly visually after the final descent point (TAZ NDB). As the NDB approach had been selected in the FMC, no vertical and lateral guidance (VNAV/LNAV) could be provided after TAZ.

It was going to be a challenging approach. First, Runway 32 in Tivat is not alligned with the final path - at appx 500 feet you have to bank left as RWY course differs by 20 degrees from the approach track. It is not difficult when the air is calm, but it is not easy during hard gusts - the biggest problem is to control the speed and path simulataneously.
The airport is located between mountains, thus in windy weather pilots can expect wind shears. So, we were ready for this and in means of safety, we discussed a possibility of changes the roles - if things go worse I will take controlls...
And the things went bad...


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