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Title:Kimbo Slice Gets A Lesson From Michael Jai White
Published:11 September 2011
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Watch carefully and learn as action movie star and martial arts expert Michael Jai White demonstrates to Kimbo Slice why the mechanics of a traditional boxing punch is flawed. Michael Jai White goes further to demonstrate the science of "non-telegraphic movement" as it relates to punching. Instead of cocking back the elbow, shifting the shoulders, stepping forward with the lead leg or winding up to get power, a non-telegraphic punch is thrown from its exact point of origin with no advance visible clues that a punch is coming.

Bruce Lee said you want your strikes to be felt before it is seen. This requires total relaxation of those muscle groups and proper body mechanics. The value in learning non-telegraphic movement is that you may face a much fast opponent, but you can actually out score the faster man due to the fact that your opponent simply cannot detect when you're about to strike. --- Practice right, train right...don't just train.


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