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Title:Trying To Decorate Our House
Published:23 May 2018
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I feel kind of bad posting this kind of video, I know for most of you at this point you genuinely understand and care about Julien and I as people and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I just also know you're here for some funny adventures and it honestly feels like forever since I've done something in that realm because of this massive life change so I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for being patient with me while I just get my life together right now. If it's not unpacking or getting stuff we need it's people coming to do inspections and insurance and repairs and all kinds of unexpected things that pop up when you buy a house. Like our dishwasher spits water across our kitchen which is super cool? lol sorry not important, but anyways I can't tell you enough that although I know this video is really boring and stupid, I am really thankful to those of you who understand why I'm just not quite all the way there yet in terms of making regular videos just yet but hopefully I'll be there soon. Also this video was incredibly frustrating to make (lol) because we have been ordering some stuff online but I thought it would be great to like... go out in the world and get some stuff and make you guys at least like a "Come decorate with me" video and holy shit it is so hard to find stuff in person that you like, well maybe just me because I really am so horrible at it. I'm just not cut from that cloth man it is a skill I do not have. I also really wanted to do this thing called "come nest with me" but honestly that sounds like I'm pregnant and like I said I promise you I'm not and I promise you I'll let you know if that happens lol BUT FOR REAL NOW THAT IM THINKING ABOUT IT woah what a fucking series that would be for a pregnant lady, just going around buying a bunch of baby stuff and having like tired mini mental breakdowns from stress and then needing ice cream in the middle?!? here for that. Sorry. Tangent. Always, between last week and this week I am starting to feel pretty bad for not really posting a formal video if you will, but then again, maybe you like this I don't even know. I really don't know the internet more than anybody else lol, but just know how much I appreciate your patience, love you, thanks for your understanding, and hopefully by next week I can put this table to some good use.

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