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Title:To the deniers of the mandela effect
Published:08 February 2019
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If you are someone who denies the mandela effect, or someone going through it and having trouble with loved ones. Watch and show them this video.

To answer a common comment about this video, yes I am reading. I wrote all I wanted to discuss and say on my iPad. Why? Because I tried just talking and kept messing up, which was causing me to constantly re-record. Reading what I wanted to say off my iPad made sure I got it all correct, saved much time and I was able to discuss all things I wanted. ūü§ď So Yes, it was scripted and I was reading. But once again it was written by me from the heart and read so no mistakes would be made.

Thank you for watching and all the support. This video has become very popular and I’m happy many are waking up realizing the mandela effect is real.

God bless!

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