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Title:8 LUCKIEST Storage Unit Finds EVER!!
Published:11 January 2019
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8 LUCKIEST Storage Unit Finds EVER!!
Who in their right mind would ever leave something valuable in a storage unit and never return to claim it? It's nonsensical that items considered important enough to be placed in safe storage should later be abandoned and sold off at auction at a fraction of their real value. People love to buy abandoned storage units. They enjoy rifling through others’ discarded junk in hopes that they will discover something valuable. However, true treasures are rare. Most people find bizarre junk. If you’re a follower of storage auction reality TV shows like “Auction Hunters” and “Storage Wars,” you probably share with the randy collective of onscreen bidders the excitement and anticipation that behind every roll-up door awaits a story you’ll tell your grandchildren. Smash hit show Storage Wars brought the once-obscure world of storage unit prospecting into the mainstream almost a decade ago. Since then, the concept of blindly bidding on other people’s junk has gone from something thrifty citizens did to find out what their neighbors were hiding away in that old storage unit to a full-blown way of life for countless thousands of people across the country.

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