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Title:My Dogs Try Fruits And Vegetables
Published:25 February 2016
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FYI just because I'm sure someone will ask/comment: my dogs eat a regular healthy dog diet, they do not eat many raw fruits or vegetables regularly because they don't really enjoy them. They do however eat them when they are cooked, and there are cooked vegetables in their dog meals that they like to scarf down, but as you can see they really didn't do more than taste a lot of things because they are an spoiled by an chickain. AN CHICKAIN OR DIE! And the lovely collar Peach has on is in fact a dog collar, it was an incredibly kind gift sent to our PO Box by a company/person called Beadie Babies (aw cute), they even sent ones for Kermit and Marbles as well but they tend to scratch or go dogatonic and not move when they have something foreign around their necks so I didn't subject them that since I wanted them to be comfortable to eat. GOOD EATING MARBLES. YOU HEAR ME. REALLY GOOD JOB LITTLE GUY. Just kidding vrrrooooom F. But Peach doesn't mind it so I left it on because those pearls really hit me right in the girly feels you feel me. But I just also wanted to make sure I clarified that so you didn't think I was over here covering my dogs in necklaces to be a dick. Hope you liked the video, sorry they didn't eat more or try more things, it will have to be an acquired doggy taste for them I guess, but I really could watch Kermit eat watermelon all day. That guy melts my heart. Alright good talk see you later byeeee.

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